Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nickel Run Saturday

The third LA Roadrunners' run came up and off I went to Venice.

It seems different this time. Somehow it is not as exciting. But, I do like seeing some familiar faces and exchanging hand shakes/fist taps and chatting a bit.

We set off north as usual crossing into Santa Monica relatively easily. The group was larger than the first two weeks.

For the first time, we crossed the "border" that is the Santa Monica Pier, only going underneath it vs. on and upwards to Ocean Avenue.

The group continued along and it was relatively easy. I was a bit nervous as we ran along a bike path, where the bicyclists are moving at a quick pace. Fortunately, no collisions happened and everyone was safe.

We turned around and headed back to the pier. Nice and easy we crossed the line back into Venice and into the final stretch, with the standard odd collection of denizens.

Finally, it was time to stretch in the school hall and then the Gatorade and bananas.

I also attended a lecture on running form, which was good.

My nickel run was done ... another step to LA Marathon 2011.

59:11 of running

5.14 miles

11:31 pace

A Little Work

I managed to get a short run in at last ... on a Friday evening!

So, a quick trot around Clover Park got my legs loose for a change. I felt a bit pleased with the motion; but, still, the lack of speed is disturbing.

31:56 of running

2.70 miles

11:49 pace

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday Long Run

Sunday came and I had some schedule changes which have made it possible to run with the LA Running Club. So, I get LA Roadrunners and LA Running Club opportunities for long runs.

The LA Running Club Sunday event meets at the Totem Pole in Santa Monica, just like the Saturday summer runs.

So, off I went and met the group. The runners tend to be quite good and experienced, unlike me.

Some headed off for trail runs to Inspiration Point. For me, that will be an ongoing project.

I set off with my senior pace leader from last year's LA Roadrunners Group 7. He is recovering from injury and surgery and does his long run on Sunday.

We began with a short walk to warm up and then headed to the Totem Pole to tap it per tradition and then headed towards Adelaide and the nice neighborhood and the ascent of the hill.

Soon, we reached 7th Street and headed to San Vicente, yes the dreaded San Vicente Urban Obstacle Course.

The medians are fun to run and offer the opportunity for a gradual climb heading east and a gradual descent heading west; but, it is now harder. The grass cover seems to have eroded significantly and many more roots were exposed. This made it much harder to concentrate on the running since it required vigilance to avoid the roots. It was very noticeable.

Still, my old SPL and I enjoyed it, running and chatting. We made Bundy and crossed over and began running on the dirt path on the side. Then we began a circuit of the golf course. It was a nice run with different plants and trees than I normally see.

We looped around and made it back to San Vicente to begin the return. It was warm, but not too bad. A procession of Ferraris went by, enlivening the scene.

Soon, I got that happy sight I remembered from March 20: "Ocean dead ahead." We made it back and then crossed Ocean Avenue for the quick trot to the Totem Pole.

After it was time to stretch. We ended up going to Starbucks to refuel.

All in all, I was happy.

1:56.42 of running

9.21 miles

12:40 pace

Back At It

This was my second week of running with the LA Roadrunners in Year II.

We set out for a brief trip north towards Santa Monica. I had been resting my body a bit during the week; but, I felt alright.

The run went relatively smoothly, even though it got warm quickly.

The group returned to base and after stretching, including on the cement of the Windward square, it was back for Gatorade and bananas.

Not bad at all.

46:12 of running

3.99 miles

11:35 pace


My next run was my first official LA Roadrunners run of the 2010-2011 season in the buildup to the 2011 Honda LA Marathon Presented by KSwiss.

There was a little talk by Rod Dixon and others before setting outside. We did get the Roadrunners chant1 (Yeah!) As the runners left the gym, I went back to my old group, Run 7. Somehow I was not as excited as the first time (or as nervous!).

It was so different! I hardly knew anyone. My old crew at the back was gone. It was a surprise.

The group set out for a quick run north along the now very familiar Strand. This group seemed quieter than last year, may be just due to the first day.

We made it back and I headed to the school for the traditional Gatorade and bananas. Some things never change.

Then, it was off to the parish festival.

I am on the way to LA Marathon II for me.

36:15 of running

3.17 miles

11:48 pace

Friday, September 24, 2010

Long Run Friday

It was an unusual week and with some flexibility in the schedule, I did a long run on Friday.

It was nice running in the sunshine for a change on my own. After some street running in Santa Monica, I headed around Clover Park and did lap after lap. I enjoyed the change in time and saw some people I had remembered seeing when i first started to run again after being laid off at my old job.

I was thinking a lot about other things; so, I was struggling to focus on my running. May be that was good; may be it was bad.

The results were alright; but, I hoped for faster. My ability to keep ongoing power for speed is missing at the moment, which is frustrating. The good news is my knee is feeling better; it si not perfect, but it is better.

1:35.36 of running
8.11 miles
11:48 pace

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Odd Intervals

Monday meant another run and this time it was some intervals. I am still keeping to the LA Running Club plan for the LA Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon rather than first week of LA Roadrunners' training.

The intervals this time went up 30 seconds to 6:30 and rest decreased 30 seconds to 3:30.

I warmed up walking to Clover Park for the waiting semi-circuit.

The first interval went relatively well. It was not quite as fast as I wanted; but, it felt comfortable and a relative success.

The second internal was decent as well. It was a little slower; but, it was close in pace which was a good sign for consistency.

The intervals got more interesting on the third session. About two minutes in, it seemed like my energy was drained. It was if I had a flat tire. I could not keep the pace and my desire to get back the speed went unfulfilled. It was a very rough run and frustration.

The fourth run came and was a bit better. I managed to pick up the speed for the second half.

All in all I got it done; but, it was disappointing not to have run faster and even more disappointing with the third run.

#1 .67 miles 6:32 of running 9:45 pace
#2 .66 miles 6:32 of running 9:57 pace
#3 .60 miles 6:31 of running 10:56 pace
#4 .66 miles 6:35 of running 9:58 pace